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First Name * PAUL
Last Name * GERRARD
Username * Sallow
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality British


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileGames OnlineMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionPrintingPublishing InternetPublishing PrintTelevison
Preferred Tools IllustrationModelingTexturing3ds maxMayaPainterPhotoshopPoser


Availability: Freelance


Paul Gerard is an architect of the world’s end…he has made the blueprints for our destruction, and he visualizes the demise of humanity through paintings, sculpture, mixed media and digital. Hailing from near Liverpool, Gerrard has worked as a conceptual artist for several Hollywood films, including the recent Battle: LA, building alien bringers of death. His own original artwork is a combination of apocalypse and rebirth. His subjects materialize out of shivering mists, grow out of ancient trees, and descend from tempestuous skies. You can hear the creak and crack of dry bark as his tree spirits emerge from their solitary existence. His work can be both terrifying and darkly beautiful, portrayals of what we fear in the dark, and its’ haunting, lovely loneliness. Gerrard’s dark forests and futuristic war machines are fantastic creatures, but his techniques make them intensely realistic. His piece “Procreators” speaks eloquently of our proclivity for destruction and mayhem, and the way we turn technology into weapons – mankind flying high above us, spreading his death seed across the planet. It is a scene more profound and more threatening than any alien threat we face on the big screen. After the jump, let the damp air chill you to your bones as you enter the world of Paul Gerrard.

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